…just 70 days to Ashley’s return…

ashley-harkleroad-playboy-3Ashley Harkleroad has her mind set on returning to the the WTA Tour. To be more explicit, she expects to be a participent in the 2009 US Open. “It’s 91 days from now,” she smiled after giving birth to her new 71/2 lb. son. Charles Hooper Adams the 4th was born on March 25th, and is doing fine along with his new Mom at their home in Malibu Beach California.

Ashley is on court for more than an hour each day of the week getting her game and her body back in shape for her return to competitive tennis.

As more Moms play on tour the WTA will have to consider implementing a Nanny service as part of their program. Can you imagine a final between Ashley and Kim where during a close set, the umpire calls a baby-feeding time out, or a 2 minute diaper changing delay!

A baby can also be a physcological advantage for a player. A cry or whimper from the baby for its Mom could have a devastating effect on Mom’s opponent. Serving for match point when the silence is broken by the mournful cry of a baby would be enough to force a double fault from any but the most heartless woman.

Ashey will be a welcome addition to the tour, not for the threat she represents to the top players, but for the intrigue and sexy excitement she conjours in the minds of all red bloodied fans.


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