Mauresmo to be honoured at GDF SUEZ.

Although she is retired, Amélie Mauresmo is sure to remain the most popular player in France. After winning the title in 2009 over Elena Dementieva to cap off a brilliant tournament, Amélie will return to Coubertin for the first time… as a fan.

Her return will be emotional: “The stadium set-up is extraordinary. At the Open GDF SUEZ, fans are really close to the court and the players,” said Mauresmo who retired in early December. “So close that it can feel like they’re playing the match with us. It’s amazing to feel the fans urging you on. That’s how it always was for me. That support made a big difference. At different times throughout my career, whether or not I was in the best shape at the start of the tournament, I always felt at home at Coubertin. It’s as if the tournament was made for me. Fans gave me energy, incredible love. That’s why I was able to give them some great matches. At Coubertin, I just gave back the love fans gave me.”

There is an unbreakable bond between Amélie Mauresmo and the Open GDF SUEZ. It was only natural for the former world number 1 to choose this tournament as the site for her farewell to fans. Fans, tournament sponsor GDF SUEZ, and tournament organizers will pay tribute to her on Wednesday, February 10 at 7:30 p.m. after the sixth match of the day. She will then hold an autograph signing. She’ll be everywhere that day! She doesn’t know how she will react exactly but said, “Coming to the Open GDF SUEZ and stepping onto a court where I lived so many great moments and not playing will feel strange! I have no idea how I will react and I don’t know what’s in store for me either. Obviously, I’ll have a different relationship to fans. They’re not coming to support me but to say goodbye. I’m sure it’ll be another moment of strong emotions and sharing. It’ll be powerful and unforgettable.” As a symbol that a page has been turned, Amélie will also be there on Sunday, February 14. Not to lift the trophy but to present it to the 2010 champion.


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