That Davis Cup Trophy on eBay for $100, probably belongs to Pete Sampras!

Sampras has been robbed of the majority of trophies, medals, plaques, crystal and rings that are a testament to a career that brought a then-record 14 major titles and status as one of the greatest ever to play the game. Three weeks ago, he found out that the dozens of boxes containing these symbols of his career had been stolen. “I have 13 of my 14 Grand Slam trophies,” he said. “Some are at home and some up at NikeTown (in Portland). My first Australian Open trophy is gone, and so is everything else.”

Seven Wimbledon, five U.S. Open and one Australian Open trophy remain.

“Everything else” includes trophies for winning 64 tour tournaments, and finalist hardware from 24 others. It includes what he was presented for winning five season-ending ATP World Tour titles, for being on two Davis Cup winners, and for taking 11 ATP Masters event titles. It includes an Olympic ring, seven ESPYs and six trophies awarded to the player who finished No. 1 in the year-end rankings. Sampras, now 39, did that from 1993 to ’98. The items were stolen from a public storage facility in West Los Angeles. Sampras had rented two units and stored furniture and the boxes of memorabilia. All, except for some large furniture, was taken. “We’ve had some housing issues,” Sampras said, “and we stored things while we were sorting that out.” A few years ago, he and his wife, actress Bridgett Wilson, and their sons Christian and Ryan had moved from Beverly Hills to Thousand Oaks and a home in the hills surrounding Sherwood Country Club. Recently, they moved again, this time to Brentwood.

Sampras said he never considered that his things wouldn’t be safe. “I was like, ‘What?'” he said. “I thought there were security cameras. I thought these things were locked up tight. I was shocked.” He said police currently have no leads, but they encouraged him to go public in the hope that somebody who knows somebody who heard something might come forward.


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