“It was one of the worst years of my career,” blogs Dinara Safina.

Many things have happened and it feels like my life changed 180 degrees from being #2 in the world to #63. Starting with my injury, of course and everything that followed. Those were very tough moments for me but I want to thank my real fans who have always supported me!!

I am now in Buenos Aires, as I decided to take a long pre-season preparation time. I need it! Daily program consists of physical training (conditioning and back) but also tennis. I’m here with my mother. She is always with me when I’m practicing and soon my father will be coming as well, and even my brother. I am very happy to see them all again, as I miss them often during the year. Apart from practicing, me and my mother went to watch polo. The team that we’ve been supporting, Chapolefue, lost, but still it was a great match. For me they are the best. Thank you to Eduardo el “RUSO” for inviting me to his match. Then we went to visit Tandil. A small city from where tennis champions originated. It is a very beautiful city. I don’t remember when was the last time I did so much sightseeing! If you love cheese you would find Epoca de Queso a paradise.

I’m going be in Argentina till the end of the month and from here I’m going straight to Auckland. My first tournament in 2011 and I am looking forward to a new season! My wish is to be able to play a full year healthy and where I can work hard to come back!


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