“Shall we stop at MacDonalds on the way?”

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal drove together to the exhibition match in Zurich. Federer picked up the world’s top-ranked player at the airport and took a jaunt through downtown before heading to the stadium. Nadal arrived in Switzerland on Tuesday morning for the first of two exhibition matches this week with Federer, his long-time rival. He was met on the airport runway by the all-time winningest Grand Slam champion and then hopped in Fed’s red Mercedes SLS AMG with gullwing doors (retail price: around $200,000).

The world’s top-ranked players are competed in an exhibition on Tuesday afternoon in Zurich and then will fly to Madrid for another exhibition in Nadal’s native Spain on Wednesday. Proceeds from the exhibitions will go the players’ respective charities. These sorts of matches are great for the sport and it should be an enjoyable event to watch. Some will try to take meaning from the results, but those will be just as important as the final score of a preseason football game. It’s meaningless, frivolous fun. Expect two three-setters (gotta give the fans their money’s worth) and for each man to win the match in his homeland.


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