Ana attends the Hopman Cup Ball.

Ana Ivanovic attended the New Year’s Ball in Perth last night.Novak arrived just in time for the Ball, and we remembered how enjoyable the first one we went to was, five years ago, when Novak sang! One of the highlights of the evening was meeting Mrs Hopman, who is in her 90s and traveled from Florida especially for the Cup. It was so nice to meet her, and many people I remember from when I played here in 2006. The theme for the Ball was “Love, Peace and Tennis”, and there was music from the ’60s, which we enjoyed dancing to. When it comes to putting on fun events, the organizers here really are the best. Before and during the whole event they really spoil the players.

“I didn’t see much of Perth during my last visit but this time I have visited some beautiful beaches. It’s like a postcard: white sands and the blue Indian Ocean. The only problem is the danger of shark attacks. The other day we were preparing to go to one of the main beaches in the city but it was closed because three Tiger sharks were spotted just 80 metres from the shore. A few hours later the beach was full of people again, with many people swimming in the sea…but we didn’t feel like going into the water by then!!”


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