Jankovic and Ivanovic opt out of Serbia’s Fed Cup team.

JJ says, “With great sorrow I have to inform all my fans and tennis friends that this time I will not be able to play for FED cup tie for Serbia against Canada. I haven’t made this decision easily, because I think it is a great honour and duty of every athlete to play for the national team of its country. As you know, I had eye surgery in quite an unappropriate time for myself, in the moment when the preparations for the following season should have been in its peak. Therefore, I did not have time to reach the level I wanted. Because of that I made poor result in the first grand slam of the season, which dissapointed me a lot. I am aware that right now I have to complete my preparations, so that I could give my maximum in the next FED cup tie. For the same reason I did not apply for the tournament which follows this FED cup.

On the other hand, I am delighted with the fact that we have other young players in our FED cup team, leaded by Bojana Jovanovski, Aleksandra Krunic and Tamara Curovic, and Ana Jovanovic who is quite an experienced player. So, I hope they will contribute to the success of our national team, and manage to achieve victory over Canada. I wish them lot of luck and success, and I hope that I will join them for the next match. If my shape improves in the next seven days, I will certainly be in the team against Canada, but in any case, I will be with all my heart with our players.”


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