Without a coach Andy Murray is lost and in a daze on the tennis court!

Andy Murray returned to action for the first time since he was demolished by Novak Djokovic in the final of the 2011 Australian Open, to face Marcos Baghdatis in Rotterdam. If his fans were expected to see a new invigorated Murray then they were truly disappointed as he played even worse than he did in Australia. He was soundly beaten 6-4, 6-1 by Baghdatis, and for most of the match he strolled around the court wearring a sour expression on his face, his shoulders slumped, and a general air of  ‘I couldn’t care less’. For a top ten player who has heaps of talent, Murray has fallen into a state of tennis depression. His attitude is in need of a complete change, and it is apparent that without a coach (and not his Mother Judy) he cannot prepare for his matches. He looked tired, hungover, in need of a shave and just about ready to quit at the drop of a hat. He clutched his right wrist as if he was feeling some pain, and if he was it was probably the only feeling he felt.

Wake up, and grow up Murray, the other players are passing you by!


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