Martina Hingis is taking Roger Federer’s offer to play mixed doubles at the 2012 Olympics very, very seriously.

The International Tennis Federation writes on its website:

‘A player is eligible to compete in the Olympic Tennis Event provided they are in good standing with their National Association and the ITF, and have made themselves available for selection to represent their country in Davis Cup or Fed Cup for two of the following years – 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 – provided one of those years is 2011 or 2012.’

A Martina Hingis-Roger Federer pairing would be the story in tennis going into the Olympics. Not only would it be a fascinating trans-era partnership, it would also almost certainly be an incredibly successful one. Hingis and Federer are widely considered to be two of the greatest tactical minds of the Open Era, both with incredible creativity and touch. Hingis and Federer have each won over a dozen grand slam titles, with Hingis having won five in singles, nine in women’s doubles, and one in mixed, and all 16 of Federer’s coming in singles. The success of a Hingis-Federer pairing isn’t entirely conjecture, either. In January of 2001, before Federer had won a single title at the ATP level, Hingis and Federer paired to win the Hopman Cup for Switzerland. Their mixed doubles play was especially impressive, losing only 10 games in six sets of live rubber action before conceding a dead rubber in the final to the American team of Monica Seles and Jan-Michael Gambill.

Coming from a country that had never produced any great champions before they came along, Hingis and Federer have often been compared to one another. With both being Swiss finesse players, the connections are easy, and more importantly, fair. But while questions about other players often irritate tennis players, both Hingis and Federer have always seem greatly pleased be asked about the other. Aside from the obvious on-court reasons for them to play together, it’s clear that Hingis and Federer also share a great deal of respect and admiration for one another (if not a closeness that allowed for Roger to ask Martina about London directly).

“At the time, mixing with her, playing in doubles with her, was a privilege for me,” Federer said of Hingis in 2008. “Roger is the most talented and the most complete player on the tour,” Hingis said of Federer in 2004.

The partnership is far from a done deal, clearly. But from her uncharacteristic nervousness and evasiveness when the topic was broached, it’s clear that Hingis is taking Federer’s offer very, very seriously.

…posted from info from ‘The Daily Forehand’



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