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…yet another player planning a comeback?

Lindsay Davenport, who has not played competitively since 2008 because she was expecting her second baby, wants to comeback to the WTA tour to play a little bit more tennis and she plans to compete in women’s doubles with Liezel Huber.

Huber said at the French Open that Davenport has committed to play doubles at the Bank of the West Classic in Stanford, and the Mercury Insurance Open in San Diego.

During this time that she has been out of tennis, she kept a close distance from the tennis courts because she has been working as a television commentator for Tennis Channel.

Maybe Mary Joe Fernandez will include her on the USA Fed Cup team, and deprive the up and coming youngsters a chance to represent their country.

She should organise and join an oldtimers league! or just play for the WTT.


Thank you!….Mr. Davenport….


I know there is no such person as Mr. Davenport, but if I wrote ‘thank you Mr. Leach’ nobody would know to whom I am referring. Jonathen Leach is Lindsay’s husband, father of their son Jagger, and now to be a father again. She announced her withdrawal from tennis because she is pregnant again, and congratulations are in order, but more thankfully this will mean the permanent retirement of Lindsay Davenport. She will leave the game as one of the great champions of all time, and be remembered for the huge contribution she made to US tennis during her career. She leaves on a high note rather than trying to recapture the old glory she once had by making repeated comebacks.

In other news, the venue for the first round of the Davis Cup was finally decided, and it has gone to Birmingham Alabama. The best of 5 matches will be played at the 17,000 seat arena of the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex, March 6th-8th. In previous years it would be an easy victory for the US team, but with Roger Federer committed to play for Switzerland for the first time, it adds a new dimension to the series. To win the series one team has to win three matches, Federer should win his 2, most likely against Roddick and Blake, and just remember Switzerland did win the Gold medal in Beijing in doubles, one more win for them and the US is done!

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Retire Lindsay!……….please….


Lindsay Davenport is confirmed as a starter in the 2009 Australian Open……..she will make a comeback where she won the title in 2000. I have great respect for her achievements on the tennis courts of the world and the very fact that she has won more than $22 million is confirmation of her greatness, but enough is enough! She is happily married with a little boy, and cannot possibly want for anything more in a career that has spanned more than a decade. At 32 it is time to hang up those sneakers.

In January of 2008 she won the ABS Classic in New Zealand where she defeated Aravane Rezai, not exactly a top ten player.

At the 2008 Australian Open she lost to Sharapova in the 2nd round.

In Memphis she beat Olga Govortsova, another virtual unknown.

At Indian Wells she retired with a back injury in a match with Jankovic.

In Key Biscayne she lost to Safina in the 4th round.

At Amelia Island she defaulted due to illness.

At Wimbledon she withdrew from the 2nd round with a knee injury.

In August she withdrew from the Olympics with the same knee injury.

At The US Open she lost in the 3rd round.

In Luxembourg she again withdrew.


Does she really believe that she has a chance of winning in Australia? I’m sure she must, or why else would she play? I want to remember her as a great champion, not as a broken down has been. I wish she would take a page from Chris Evert’s book and spend some of her money on a Tennis Academy where she could obtain fulfilment from teaching aspiring youngsters how to walk in her footsteps.

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