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“I’m still only 23, but I don’t think I will be able to play again.” says Tatiana Golovin.

Tatiana Golovin captured two WTA titles, reach another five finals, even win a Grand Slam title, in mixed doubles at the 2004 French Open (with countryman Richard Gasquet). She had a knack for beating Top 10 players – she scored 13 victories over the elite in those four years (six in 2007 alone). She finished 2007 at No.13 in the world, peaking at No.12 early in 2008. But just as she about to crack the Top 10 herself, it all stopped. “I was at the top of my game,” the 23-year-old said. “In 2007 I had those two finals in Stuttgart and Zürich in the fall, I was beating top players, and I almost finished the year in the Top 10. I was really focused in the off-season to prepare for Australia. I was enjoying myself and moving towards my potential. “At the time I never thought I would stop six months later. It took a long time to figure out what was wrong, but they found it was a chronic back inflammation, and there’s no treatment. The last tournament I went to was the Olympics in Beijing in 2008, but I was too unsure about my back and couldn’t play.

“I’ve been doing things I couldn’t do on the tour. I’ve been spending more time with my family, which I couldn’t do with all the travelling. I have a house in the south of France, I have my dog there. I can hang out with friends more. I have more time to myself. I love learning – I went back to school last year, and next year I’m going back again. I’m taking courses in media and politics, a nice background for when I’m older and want to get involved in more areas.”It took me a year or two to start living again. Leaving tennis left a big hole in my life – it was a really big shock for me. But I feel I’m finally finding my way again.”

Golovin’s preferred career of choice is obvious, however. “When you’re born into the tennis world, nothing can compare to that,” she said. “You won’t get the same feelings and emotions you get when you play in front of a crowd, win a big match, win a tournament, see all your fans, just going to practice in the morning… actually the thing I miss most is just going out on the court and practicing hard and sweating, and going home so tired from the workout. “I can’t get that at all now. It’s really difficult to just go for a run.”




an update on Tatiana Golovin’s condition.

golovinHow are you doing, Tatiana ?
So so. My back still hurts when I play sports. Nobody knows what injury it is. I consulted American doctors, French Tennis Association doctors. I even tried complementary medicine, but it doesn’t change anything. It’s a hard time to go through. I just have to be patient and live with what I have, but I miss the life as a tennis player, journeys, hotels. I just come to come back one day. As for now, I’m back to my studies and i am ready to help the UNESCO since I’m an ambassador.

Which are the last tennis matches you watched ?
I followed the Australian Open. I was very moved at the end of the final seeing Federer’s tears and Nadal almost ill at ease after his victory. Last weekend, I also watched Fed Cup. The Italian girls are always giving us some trouble. They are very strong as a team, whereas in singles we manage to beat them like Amélie (Mauresmo) did Wednesday defeating Errani 6-2 6-0. Otherwise, I find Serena WIlliams impressive. always thought she was the best out there.

Since Tuesday, everyone’s talking about you after the publication of your pictures in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Do you think about a fashion reconversion ?
No. It’s not my job. This photoshoot took place in Dominican Republic, in Punta Cana. It lasted one week and we had to pose several hours in the morning and the afternoon. Models have been doing that since they were children. We play tennis. It’s not really the same thing. But you, what did you think about these pictures ?

You did a nice job..
Nice. I hesitated before accepting. I thought “You better do it now before being ugly”. When I am 90, I will have something to show my grandchildren. And it’s rather flattering, I’m only the 2nd French to be in it after Noémie Lenoir. They even asked me to cover the French version.

Tatiana : “Impatient to be back”

Tatiana is in Paris this week for the Open Gaz De France Suez where she has reached the Semi Final 3 times in her career. She attended a couple of matches today, and gave an interview. Here comes a translation of what she said :

Tatiana, how are you?
I’m good. I’m really happy to be here at the Open GDF SUEZ and see the tournament again. It brings back some really good memories from when I played really well here. And it’s true that I can’t wait to come back.

How is your health doing right now?
Well, it always takes some time to heal correctly and get back into shape. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed and doing what it takes to come back as quickly as possible.

What exactly is bothering you?
I suffer from lower back inflammation, and it requires lots of therapy, treatment and rest. You have to be especially patient.

Aren’t you getting impatient?
I’ts not too bad. I try to stay as busy as possible. I’m going to go back to my management classes. I try to get interested in a lot of other things.

When do you think you’ll be completely healed?
Well, for now, I’m living day by day. I’m making my back my priority and it will take as long as it needs to heal. In any case, I’m staying positive.

Rumour has it that you might end your career…
Those are just rumours; it’s too easy to say such a thing. I’m just taking my time to get better.

You’ve been back on the GDF SUEZ team for one year now, how are things between you and your sponsor?
Good. Women’s tennis is really lucky to have such a good sponsor who brings us so much support and who understands it so well. I hope that we’ll continue the adventure together for a long time.

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Tatiana Golovin….top pick of 2009 sports illustrated!


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