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The Mission of Tennis Australia!

babyTennis Australia is the organization responsible for promoting, encouraging, marketing and enjoying tennis throughout Australia. Its mission statement says all that needs to be said, ‘To make Australia the greatest tennis nation on the planet!’
Tennis Australia lists a number of interesting tennis statements, here’s a selection of them that have so much meaning in their simplicity and perspective.
It’s a game and a passion.
It’s an hour of fun and a lifetime commitment.
It’s a six year old at primary school or his Grandmother at a ladies tea.
It’s a pennant player working on his ITN rating, and four mates slugging it out for bragging rights.
It’s a manicured grass court or lines scratched on a beach.
It’s a novice hitting a ball against a wall or a century of Aussie legends battling for the Davis Cup.
It’s competing for your club championship, striving for the State title, and dreaming of the Australian Open.
It’s keeping fit with Tennis Workout and pushing barriers in wheelchair tennis.
It’s social and it’s deadly serious.
It’s indoor and outdoor.
It’s in the schools and on the streets.
It’s boys and girls, and it’s men and women.
It’s all ages, all races, all people everywhere.
It’s just around the corner, and it’s all around the world.
It’s cosmopolitan and as Australian as Vegemite.
It’s in our blood, our history, our culture and our hearts.
It’s everybody’s sport.
It’s you and me and everyone we know.
It’s a tradition we pass on to our sons and daughters, who pick up rackets from the time they can walk, bringing forth a new generation of Lavers and Rafters, Courts and Goolagongs.
It’s made for a sunburnt country, a sport we love so much we play it anywhere and everywhere, in the suburbs, in the bush, in the outback, and even on the rooftops of hotels.
It’s Australian Open Tennis offering the Aussie Open experience all year round, and it’s Aussie Open Academies lifting standards across Asia/Pacific.
It’s Tennis, Australia’s favourite.

Tennis Australia is spreading the tennis buzz, bringing the love of tennis to every community, to have more people playing more tennis more often.

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