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Sony Ericsson Open linked to financial fraud.

stanfordOne of the major host sponsors of the Sony Ericsson Championships which are scheduled for March 27 in Miami, is none other than Stanford Financial. Just in case you don’t listen to the financial news, it has been alleged that Sir Alan Stanford, the billionaire owner of Stanford Financial, has perpetrated an $8 Billion dollar fraud, and he is wanted for questioning. So far he cannot be found.
Stanford sponsors many sports events that include cricket, golf and tennis, and many events rely on the company to put up prize money and operational funds.
The SEC, (Securities Exchange Commission) who is investigating the fraud has said that any recipient of money from the Stanford Financial Group could be in receipt of stolen funds and liable to prosecution.
So if Serena or Rafa win a million dollars at the Sony Ericsson they could be in serious trouble. The WTA, the ATP and Sony Ericcson need to take immediate action to prevent such a fiasco from happening.
The whereabouts of Alan Stanford is unknown, and it is suspected that he has fled the US by private jet. He has homes in Antigua and St. Croix, and a watch is being maintained on these locations. The head office for Stanford Financial is located in Houston Texas.

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Billy Jean King’s equal pay policy is wrong!

billyjeankingFor some reason we have all been hood-winked by the equal pay syndrome expounded by feminists and liberal minded fair play supporters. I include myself in this second group because I believe in the equality of the sexes, and for equal pay for equal job performance. But the key word in the equation is equal performance. If I had paid $480 for a ticket to the women’s final I would be pissed off. Serena won because of the lack of competition, she is so much better than all the other players, with her sister being an exception, and yet, until the final she didn’t have to play at much more than 50% of her potential. She played one good set against Dementieva, and two good sets against Safina, and walked of with a cool $1.2 million! She was on the court for a total time of about 13 hours for the entire tournament. Whichever of the men win in the men’s final, they will have spent more than twice the amount of time on court than Serena, and yet they will take home the same prize money. Is it fair? No. Was a ticket to the Nadal/Verdasco match worth the money? Yes. Is the prize money amount irrelevant to the degree of entertainment supplied, and only equalized because it is politically correct?
Golf professionals are often compared to tennis professionals, neither receives a salary or a contract, they only get paid if they win. In a few instances the prize money for a women’s event is comparable to the mens, but the Grand Slams are not combined, the LPGA stands alone on their own two feet and does not benefit directly from the PGA. Why should tennis be any different? In golf the women play the same number of rounds and the same number of holes, maybe the course is a little shorter, but in all other aspects it is the same.
In tennis the women play best of 3 sets while the men play best of 5 sets, so shouldn’t their compensation be 3/5th’s of the mens compensation?
The answer has to do with entertainment value, and who will pay for a ticket to watch tennis live or on TV. There can be no argument that men tennis players are stronger, faster and better than their female counterparts, and if it is great tennis that the public wants to see, then the men’s game is the choice. But if the public choice is to see pretty, fist-pumping women in designer clothes, some with diamonds and jewels befitting a queen adorning their bodies, perspiring and acting like drama queens, then this too has a huge entertainment value.
So ask yourself this question. Are you a tennis watcher or a people watcher?

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